Casa Uno
The Spirit of the Mountain

CLA CLA Studio Architecture

Photo by Francisca d'Acosta

Discovering "Casa Uno" is an experience that begins upon arrival at Cuatro Cuatros, on the horizon surrounded by mystery, it is easy to glimpse an architectural gesture, an element that transforms the landscape and at the same time immerses itself within it.

When you arrive at this residence within Valle Central, its presence becomes evident, the serene personality that transmits his visual weight begins to invade the atmosphere, as you enter what we can describe as a cozy and welcoming cave, here is where it is evident that you are inside the mountain, you can feel its spirit which certainly the best host.

Built with only 2 materials, concrete and wood, it is a residence that in its simplicity weaves a conceptual complexity that allows to enjoy the benefits of the land that inhabits, from its interior special attention has been paid to the perception that the resident has towards the outside, the views offered by the generous terraces of each of its 4 rooms, allow to see the landscape without interruption, therefore achieving a sense of privacy on the outside. Its materiality creates a symbiotic environment that Cla Cla Studio has achieved in this vacation residence, where the wood that has been used in the formwork fulfills a second life by becoming ceilings, doors and carpentry, the plants that have had to move at the time of construction return and are now part of the garden that accompanies the entire space.

Moving from the private area that accommodates the rooms, through a staircase surrounded by vegetation that invites to discovery, the public area reveals. From the first moment you glimpse it, invites to community living. Here the landscape merges with a swimming lane that frames the front of the house, which is embraced by a series of wooden ribs that reflect the characteristic style of the architects, large gates begin to erase the boundary between inside and outside creating the perfect setting for socializing.

Casa Uno symbolizes what community life represents for Cuatro Cuatros, a space of rest that offers the possibility of enjoying the company of friends and family.

Cuatro Cuatros Resident.

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