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This Privacy Notice (hereinafter referred to as “Notice”) establishes the terms and conditions under which Cuatro Cuatros, in its capacity as Responsible (or the Processor designated by Cuatro Cuatros), will process the personal data of the Data Controller.


For the purposes of the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals (the “LFPDP”) and other applicable legislation, the Owner states that this Notice has been made known to him by the Data Controller, that he has read, understood and agreed to the terms set out in this notice, and therefore grants his consent to the processing of his personal data. In the event that the personal data collected includes asset or financial data through the signing of the corresponding contract, either in printed format, or using electronic media and their corresponding processes for the formation of consent, acts will be carried out that constitute the express consent of the holder and that grants his consent for Cuatro Cuatros or its Managers to carry out transfers and/or remissions of personal data in terms of section 6 of this notice.


Cuatro Cuatros may collect personal data from the Owner through direct and/or personal delivery by any means of contact between the Owner and the Responsible or their Managers. You can also collect personal data indirectly through publicly accessible sources and other sources available on the market. Cuatro Cuatros collects personal identification data, financial data, and also collects sensitive personal data relating to physical characteristics, personal characteristics, collects data related to the provision of the services it provides and data regarding the access and/or use of such services.



Cuatro Cuatros will process the personal data of the Owner for the purpose of carrying out activities and procedures focused on fulfilling the original obligations derived from any legal and commercial relationship established on the occasion of the presentation of its services; billing; collection; credit; customer service; technical services; granting guarantees; management of value-added services and contents; portability; administration of applications and websites; contact with the customer, and providing, renewing, retaining, activate, change, return or cancel the presentation of services requested by the Owner.


Cuatro Cuatros will process personal data for other purposes such as sending notification of offers, notices and/or promotional messages; communications for marketing, advertising or telemarketing purposes about new or existing products and services, whether owned or from business partners; conducting surveys; statistics; market research, recording consumer habits through tools for the automatic capture of data, interests and behavior; carrying out benefit and incentive programs; participating in social networks, chats and/or forums of discussion; participating in events, trivia, contests, raffles, games and raffles; evaluating the quality of services; and general for any activity aimed at promoting, maintaining, improving and evaluating their products and services. You can object to the processing of your data for secondary purposes through the means made available to you for the exercise of your ARCO rights, which are the rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition (A.R.C.O. Rights) conferred on you by the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data at any time in accordance with the provisions of the LIMITATION OF USE AND DISCLOSURE OF INFORMATION section of this notice. TRANSFER AND/OR REMISSION OF DATA. If Cuatro Cuatros requires sharing the personal data of the Owner in order to comply with its legal and/or commercial obligations, for which purpose it may conclude various commercial agreements both in the national territory and abroad. The recipients of personal data are obliged by virtue of the corresponding contract to maintain the confidentiality of the personal data provided and to observe this Notice. Cuatro Cuatros and/or their Managers may communicate the personal data collected to any other company of the same business group to which the Responsible Party belongs and that operates with the same internal processes and policies, whether it is located in the national territory or abroad, for treatment with the same purposes described in this Notice. Your personal information may be sent, stored and processed in a country other than where it was provided, which will be carried out in accordance with applicable data protection laws. We take steps to protect personal information regardless of the country where it is stored or where it is sent. We have appropriate procedures and controls in place to ensure this protection. Cuatro Cuatros does not require the consent of the Owner to carry out domestic or international transfers of personal data in the cases provided for in article 37 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in any other case of exception by the same or other applicable legislation.


The Data Controller has, at any time, the right to access, rectify and cancel their data (ARCO Right), as well as to oppose their processing or revoke the consent they have provided by submitting a request in the format that for this purpose we will provide to them upon express request, which must contain the following information and documents: I. Name of the Data Controller and address or other means of communicating the response to your request; II. The current documents that prove your identity (simple printed or electronic copy of your voter's ID or passport) or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the Holder (simple digital or electronic copy of the simple power of attorney with the autograph signature of the Holder, the representative and their corresponding current official IDs - voter's ID or passport); III. The clear and precise description of the data with respect to which you are seeking to exercise any of the ARCO Rights, and IV. Any element or document that facilitates the location of the Owner's personal data. In the case of requests for the rectification of personal data, the Data Controller must also indicate the modifications to be made and provide the documentation to support the request. In order to comply with the obligation to access your personal data, the identity of the owner or personality of the representative must be accredited, making the information available on site at the Data Controller's home address. Another means may be agreed between the Owner and the Responsible, provided that the information requested allows it. To request the format, reception and response of requests to exercise your ARCO rights, the renewal of your consent and the others provided for in the LFPDP, we provide you with the following means: Email: informes@reservascuatrocuatros.mx If the information provided in your request is erroneous or insufficient, or if the corresponding accreditation documents are not accompanied, we may ask you, within five business days of receiving the request, to provide the elements or documents necessary to process it. The Holder will have ten business days to respond to the request, starting the day after receiving it. If no response is given within that period, the corresponding request will be considered not submitted. Cuatro Cuatros will respond to the Holder within a maximum period of twenty business days, counted from the date on which the request was received so that, if appropriate, it will take effect within fifteen business days after the response is communicated. In all cases, the answer will be given in the same way in which you submitted your request or, where appropriate, by any other means agreed with the Holder. The above-mentioned deadlines may be extended in terms of the LFPDP.


The person responsible and/or their Managers will keep the personal data of the Data Controller for as long as necessary to process their requests for information, products and/or services, as well as to maintain accounting, financial and auditing records in terms of the LFPDP and current commercial, fiscal and administrative legislation. The personal data collected will be protected by appropriate administrative, technical and physical security measures against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or treatment, in accordance with the provisions of the LFPDP and other applicable legislation. However, as stated above, Cuatro Cuatros does not guarantee that unauthorized third parties cannot access the physical or logical systems of the Owners or the Responsible or to the electronic documents and files stored in their systems. Consequently, Cuatro Cuatros will under no circumstances be responsible for any damages that may arise from such unauthorized access. You or your duly accredited legal guardian may limit the use or disclosure of your personal data through the same means and procedures provided for the exercise of ARCO Rights. If your request is appropriate, you will be registered in the exclusion list provided by Cuatro Cuatros. To stop receiving information related to advertising or marketing campaigns. In addition, you have the right to register in the PROFECO Public Registry to Avoid Publicity (REPEP) http://repep.profeco.gob.mx If you consider that Exia has violated your right to the protection of your personal data, you can go to the National Institute for Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (“INAI”).


Cuatro Cuatros can collect data through its websites, or through the use of automatic data capture tools. These automatic data capture tools, these tools allow you to collect the information that your browser sends to those websites, such as the type of browser you use, the user language, access times, and the IP address of websites that I use to access the sites of the Responsible or their Managers. Among the automatic data capture tools used by Cuatro Cuatros on its sites and web pages are cookies, web beacons, and links in emails. Use of cookies. The proper functioning of the Cuatro Cuatros sites require the “cookies” room in your Internet browser. “Cookies” are small data files transferred by the website to your computer's hard drive when you browse the site. In most browsers, cookies are automatically accepted by virtue of their default settings, you can adjust your browser preferences to accept or reject cookies. Disabling cookies may disable various functions of the Cuatro Cuatros websites or that they are not displayed correctly. If you prefer to delete cookies, you can delete the file at the end of each browser session. Use of Web beacons. Also known as Internet tags, pixel tags, and clear GIFs. Cuatro Cuatros may use Web beacons on its website and in its HTML-formatted emails, alone or in combination with cookies, to collect information about the use of websites and your interaction with email. The Web beacon is an electronic image called a single pixel (1×1) or GIF that can recognize information that is being processed on your computer, the time and date at which the site and your needs are viewed. Protection for minors, people in a state of interdirection or disability. —. Cuatro Cuatros encourages parents and/or guardians to take an active role in the online activities of their or represented children. If you consider that the personal data has been provided by a minor or by a person in a state of interdiction or incapacity, in contravention of this Notice, please send an email to informes@reservascuatrocuatros.mx so that Cuatro Cuatros can proceed to delete such personal data as soon as possible.


Cuatro Cuatros reserves the right to periodically update this Notice to reflect changes in its information practices. It is the Owner's responsibility to review the content of the Notice on the site. http://www.reservascuatrocuatros.mx or request it by emailing informes@reservascuatrocuatros.mx. The Data Controller will understand that it does not express the contrary, it means that the Owner has read, understood and agreed to the terms set out therein, which constitutes his consent to changes and/or updates regarding the processing of his personal data.

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