The story of Cuatro Cuatros.

Cuatro Cuatros es una comunidad cerrada con altos estándares de seguridad, construida y gestionada en un entorno sostenible, respetando la tierra, la forma en que se cuida y atesora, no sólo por su belleza, sino también por la bondad del vino, aceite de oliva, frutas y verduras que se cosechan.

The vision of the developers is to build a unique multi-cultural community of lovers of the extraordinary offerings of the land, as well as the wine it produces. To house people who not only share a taste for wine but who can also appreciate the grandeur and beauty of the beach in the company of their children and grandchildren. To find those who love the idea of sharing the generosity of the land where they live, of course, the wine and the olive oil, extracted in a cold press, green vegetables, chili peppers and tomatoes, all from the CuatroCuatros organic garden with an extension of more than 1 hectare, as well as fresh eggs from the chicken coop. All in order to create a community that deeply appreciates this land and embraces the bounties it provides, just as the developers do.

We envision a sanctuary for families embracing the concept of a multicultural community, offering the option of privacy, a place to rest and unwind, and at the same time a vibrant community of active families who will enjoy the equestrian center, sailing a sailboat, yacht fishing, or enjoy socializing in the clubhouse and its facilities, including yoga, a spa and fitness center, a pool and a restaurant, with spectacular views of the coastline and the Pacific Ocean.

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